When PR mange the company’s Twitter account

This is what happens when a company’s Twitter account is managed by PR.


Update: Okay it seems that this Twitter account is not run by PR but by Journalists.

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  • | Balu | says:

    For the record, there was no PR involved in @DNA twitter account. Marketing team wasn’t involved either. It’s fully managed by journalists. Thanks for pointing out the irony, will change the bio. Thanks =)

  • | Balu | says:

    PS: Those links are put in there manually. We are not a bot. We respond to user-inquiries unlike most traditional media orgs on twitter.

  • Praveen says:

    Does it make any difference if the links are put there manually or by a script? Both look exactly the same.

    The only difference being that, you’ll answer queries, but wait … who will ask queries when all what you’ll have to offer are few chars with a link in the story? Only the people who started following you in the beginning know that @DNA is not a Bot and responds to queries.

    I liked your old style of tweeting & communicating with followers, maybe it’s difficult for you’ll to keep up with 1940 followers, or is it something else?


  • | Balu | says:

    No nothing to do with the follower count. We had done a small survey and most of those who participated, asked for links. As of now, we don’t post links for developing stories rest all carry links. Here is an example of a query http://is.gd/197jI

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