Under the cover for the next 3 weeks

Well guys, I am going to be under the covers for the next couple of weeks. I am having a surgery in my eyes tomorrow and so will be off from computer and internet (may be) for another 2-3 weeks. 🙁

I have been advised by doctors not to look at a computer screen for at least 2 weeks. So there will not be any update on this blog and also if you are sending me an email, don’t be expecting an immediate reply now. I will be reading it only after I come back. So bear with me till then.

Mean while I will ask Yuvi to keep you guys updated about my condition. I will probably ask him to post the updates as comments for this blog entry. So keep checking it 😉

And if you want to contact me during this period either leave a comment in this blog entry or send me an email. You can get my email address from my contacts page.

I still don’t know how I am going to kill time in the coming weeks. I have collected a bunch of books to read during this time. I guess my black little cuttie will also be of some help.

I am going to miss you guys and meet you all after 3 weeks. And in the words of Arnold, I WILL BE BACK 😉

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