Traveling to Bhutan

I have been quite silent in my blog for sometime now. There are lot of things happening around (more details soon) and one of them was that I was planning for a trip to Bhutan and Sikkim.

I have traveled to most parts of India expect north-east and with this trip, I could claim that I have covered most parts of India 🙂

Initially I thought of doing a bike trip, like my last western ghats trip but then decided to not to. I Will post more details about the trip, with photos once I am back.

I will be back by the end of this month and till then my phone will be switched off and if you send me an email you will get a response only after I am back.

And regarding the secret project, you might have to wait till I am back 😉


I have also written about my experience, the list of things that you should keep in mind while traveling to Bhutan and my itinerary.

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