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For long time I have been trying to organize my posts into categories. But unfortunately Blogger doesn’t support categories yet. (Hope they do it soon) and that was the reason for me to add Technorati Tags to my posts.

I was searching for an alternative way to organize my posts into categories in Blogger and I stumbled upon TagCloud. Man it was just amazing. I just gave my feed url and it constructed the Cloud for me and placing it in my blog was also very easy. (Just two lines of code for my template) You could see it in the right side.

Speaking about TagCloud, it’s very easy to use and all you have to do is to just register and give your feed url. You can even import an opml file and it will analyze the feeds and will pick up the prominent words and will build up the cloud automatically. It uses Yahoo Content Analysis Web Service for picking up keywords. Even its UI is simple and pleasing. Hats off guys!

Meanwhile Improbulus reports that she has noticed some problem with the technorati tags pages and has done a detailed study about it and has published her report. She is also conducting a poll to find out the scale of the problem. You can take up the poll here and can help her with her study.

And a friendly request to Improbulus, can you kindly do a similar study with TagCloud as you have done for Technorati and publish your findings. I just love your articles 😉

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  • Improbulus says:

    Sudar, thanks for the mentions and your links to my blog! I’m really glad you like my blog.

    I’ll certainly take a look at TagCloud but there’s a queue of things before it which I’m still working through, so it won’t be for a little while.


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