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Webbynode – A new VPS hosting service in beta

Webbynode is a new Xen based VPS hosting service, which targets developers who want to have control over every aspect of their server. This means you can have a single server where you can run your Ruby on Rails application in parallel with a Django application.

The service is currently in beta and you can register your email address in their registration page to get an invite. The advantage of testing the service during the beta period is that you can use the service free right now and once the service is out of beta, you will get discount over the regular price and if you are lucky you can even get lifetime memberships. 🙂

I am still waiting for an invite and once I get to try this service, I will write a detailed review comparing its feature with slicehost, which is my current hosting service.

More details about Webbynode can be found below.

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Thankyou Slicehost

As you all know, recently I moved to SliceHost and these are some statistics about my site.

First is the response time graph from Site24x7, an excellent service to monitor your site’s uptime and response time.

Response Time Graph

Second is the graph from Google’s Webmaster tool, which shows the number of KB’s of data downloaded per day from my blog.

Google Webmaster Tool Graph

I have just 2 words to say – THANKYOU SLICEHOST

By the way I have also upgraded to a 512MB Slice 😉

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