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My right hand has less work now

GMail has spoiled my mouse usage to a great extend. The recently introduced Google Reader was also having keyboard shortcuts. So I thought of changing to Google Reader from Bloglines. So I logged into Bloglines and I was about to export my subscription list as a OPML file but to my surprise I saw a bunch of hotkeys on its footer. Viola! Bloglines too have keyboard shortcuts and I dropped the idea of switching.You could see them in the footer.

Here is the list

  • j – next article
  • k – previous article
  • s – next sub
  • f – next folder
  • A – read all
  • r – refresh left pane

I wonder how things change suddenly when there is a competition. As I always used to say it’s the users who are going to get benefited when there is a competition.

Now I just can’t wait to see Bloglines redesign its interface and Google Reader introducing more cool features.

So because of Keyboard shortcuts Bloglines is still my feed reader.

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