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Using Memcache to improve PHP performance

Yesterday, I talked about using memcache in PHP in the Bangalore PHP meetup.

There were lot of good questions and the discussion which followed after the presentation was very good. Thanks for the organizers for putting together a great event.

I have uploaded the slides which I used for the talk to my slideshare account.

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Unveil SQL Server Peak’s Performance

Check out this new article from MSDN SQL Server 2000 Unveils Another Path to Peak Performance

Server 2000’s powerful new support for indexed views promises to make your life easier while making your applications and queries run faster. Sound too good to be true? Indexed views let you precompute all sorts of joins, aggregations, and computations so that you don’t have to write such conditions into every query. And Microsoft is reporting gains of 10 to 100 times in the performance of applications and queries that access indexed views instead of base tables. Although Oracle supports a similar feature called materialized views, SQL Server’s new indexed views go far beyond what the competition offers

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