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Online Spreadsheets comparison

As I promised earlier, here is the result of my comparison of various online spreadsheet services. I compared the services based on the following criteria.

  • Basic Requirements
  • Interpretability
  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Sharing and collaboration

Do let me know if I have overlooked something and also your comments and suggestions and I will try to keep this list updated. Also let me know if want me to add some more services to the list.

Features Google Zoho iRows NumSum EditGrid
Browser Support IE 6, FireFox 1.07 IE 6, FireFox 1.0, Mozilla 1.4 IE 6, Firefox 1.5, Opera 9 IE 6, Firefox 1.5 IE 6.0, Firefox 1.0, Epiphany, 1.8.5, Galeon 2.0
Stable or beta Private beta public beta Out of beta Public beta Public beta
Regsitration Needed Not needed Needed Needed Needed
Import Excel (*.xls) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Import CSV (*.csv) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Import OpenDocument spreadsheet (.ods) No No Yes No Experimental
Import OpenOffice.org Calc (.sxc) No Yes Yes No Yes
Import Lotus 1-2-3 (.123) No No No No Yes
Import TeX (.tex) No No No No No
Export Excel (*.xls) Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Export CSV (*.csv) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Export OpenDocument spreadsheet (.ods) No No Yes No No
Export OpenOffice.org Calc (.sxc) No Yes Yes No No
Export Lotus 1-2-3 (.123) No No No No No
Export TeX (.tex) No No No No Yes
Export HTML Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Export to PDF No Yes No No No
Print Preview No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max size of imported file 400 KB No particular limit 500 KB 500 KB Not available on site
Key board navigation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Right Click menu No No Yes No Yes
No of sheets open (by default) 1 3 1 1 1
Undo/Redo Yes No Yes Yes No
Cut, copy and paste Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Line Wrap Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Resize Row Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resize Column Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bold, italic, underline, colors etc., Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Align Horizontal and vertical Yes Only Horizontal Yes Yes No
Insert rows and cols Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Delete rows and cols Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Delete Selection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search No Search Files based on tag Yes No No
Add Images No No Yes Yes No
Fill Series No To be impemented soon Yes (but Only copy) No No
Functions around 200 Yes around 50 Yes around 500
Format Numbers Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Format Currencies Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Header rows and cols Only Rows No Yes No No
Hide rows and cols No No Yes No No
Merge Sells Only horizontal No Yes Yes No
Sort Only entire sheet, by one column No Yes Yes No
Charts Not yet Bar, Column, Pie, Line Pie, Bar, Line Line, Area, Bar No
Automatic Save Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Build-it Templates No No No No Yes
Publish on other sites No Yes   No No
Sharing and Collaboration          
Tagging No Yes Yes Yes No
Chat Yes No No No No
Share read access with another user Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Share write access with another user Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Share read access with public No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Share write access with public No No Yes No Yes
Password-protected read access No No No No Yes
Password-protected write access No No No No Yes
Real time collaboration Yes No No No Yes
Conflict resolution Last save wins Last save wins Not applicable Last save Wins Last save wins

Links to the above sevices

PS: I composed this list in Excel and then imported it to ZohoSheet and then generated the HTML page and then hand coded and cleaned it.

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Suggest me some features to compare online spreadsheets

Google’s release of Google Spreadsheet yesterday has generated lot of sudden attention on online web applications especially those which are proving to be direct competitor to Microsoft Office applications.

In addition to Google’s Spreadsheet I came to know about a couple of other great products like Zohosheet, iRows, NumSum from Techcrunch’s article yesterday which are also targeting similar user base. So I thought of comparing all these online spreadsheets to get an idea about their pros and cons. (Nice weekend project right?)

So guys let me know your favorite features which you would expect from a spreadsheet program so that I can base my comparison on them. Also let me know if I have missed any other online spreadsheets.

Here are the links to the programs which I am going to compare

I will publish my results as soon as I finish them so stay tuned and don’t forget to leave your favorite features in the comments.

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Google + Writely = Microsoft Office killer

Well, the news is out. Google has acquired Writely – The web word processor. I expected this to happen, but when I read about it for the first time at TechCrunch, I was little bit skeptical due to my experience with the Technorati acquisition rumor. I wrote about Technorati acquisition in this blog and then only realized that it was just a bit of Google Juice.

Now that both Google and Writely have confirmed the acquisition I can put down my thoughts on this acquisition.

When the rumor was out at Techcrunch, lot of people were of the view that Google doesn’t need to acquire Writely, but can build an in-house web word processor by just using the Gmail and blogger code as the base. But I think that Google did this not because of its inability to code but just to keep its competitors away.

I have been using Writely for nearly 4 months now and I should say that I am a satisfied user. The main reason for me to choose Writely was the ability to share my documents between my home and office computers. I was also using Writely to jolt down notes as and when I found something interesting when I am hooked on to the net. Previously I used to compose a mail in Gmail and then save it in the draft or send an email to myself to share my documents and notes between my home and office computers.

With Google Calendar under beta testing I think Google is going to roll out lot of features with this merge. Some of them could include the integration of Writely with Gmail for composing and the ability to open & store attached word documents in Gmail with Writely and the possibilities could be endless. So as a user of both Writely and Gmail I am very much happy about the merge and I am looking for some cool features in the future. It’s just a matter of time before they buy or develop the online Spreadsheet like NumSum and integrate it with Google Calendar and Writely to provide a full fledged online Office suite, the dreadful Microsoft Office killer.

But this doesn’t stop me from being skeptical about the possible privacy issues. I some how get a feeling that people have started to believe Google too much. But whether Google is keeping the belief is a different story. For instance right now Google know who are my friends (Orkut), my email correspondence (Gmail), my conversations with others (Google Talk), the web pages I search for (Search History), the feeds that I read (Google Reader) and now all my documents (Writely). Will Google keep up their motto “Don’t do evil”? I don’t know, but let’s hope they keep it up.


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