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My Weekend – SCJP before the end of 2005

It’s been quite a while since I have been talking about my certifications. There were some comments about them too.

The reason being that I was bitten by the ‘Lazy Bug’ and now some how I have overcome that and I am planning to finish SCJP before the end of 2005.

I was able to overcome this ‘Lazy Bug’ because of the frustration that I faced this weekend.

Warning: If you’d rather not read a rant, please move on – Seriously.
Note: I stole this warning message from here. Hopefully Jeremy doesn’t mind this one 😉 😉 ) Hopefully ‘Lazy bug’ doesn’t bite me again.

If you had followed this one up till here then here is some interesting information. Do you know how I composed this one? I wrote in a paper with a pen (yes believe me) and then typed it during my lunch time at office.

Does any one else got affected by this ‘Lazy bug’? Share them here.

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