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My plan for December

Regular readers of my blog would now that I generally will be busy in December travelling. But this year, it’s crazy 😉

Here is an outline of my plan for December. You yourself can figure out whether it is crazy or not 🙂

I am leaving to Goa on 1st of December for team outing with my teammates and will be back to Bangalore on 3rd night. Then the next day (4th Dec) I am leaving to US on a Business trip. After spending two weeks there, I will be back to Bangalore on 21st Morning. That evening I have a party at office. And after that, my office is closed for forced year-end vacation in which I will be travelling again (even though I haven’t finalized the place yet).

Ohh, by the way, did I mention that I have two weekends in US and I am planning to go Las Vegas in one weekend and to New York in the other.

And did I mention that I am missing two other outings from office because I don’t have enough days in December 😉

Is it crazy enough 🙂

So if you sent me an email and if I haven’t responded back, then you know why 🙂

Meet you all in 2012 guys.

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