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Sharing content in Android using ACTION_SEND Intent

Very often, you might want to enable the ability for users to share some content (either text, link or an image) from your Android app. Users can share the content using email, twitter, Facebook, sms or through numerous other ways.

The users might already have installed some custom apps for each one of the above service. So instead of coding all these again, it would be really nice (for both your users as well as for you as a developer) if you can invoke any one of these apps, where users want to share content from your app.

Sharing text

Android provides a built-in Intent called ACTION_SEND for this purpose. Using it in your app is very easy. All you have to do is to use the following couple of lines.

In my phone, it invokes the following dialog box listing the apps that have registered to get notification for this intent.


Sharing binary objects (Images, videos etc.)

In addition to supporting text, this intent also supports sharing images or any binary content. All you have to do is to set the appropriate mime type and then pass the binary data by calling the putExtra method.

Registering for the Intent

If you want your app to be listed when this Intent is called, then you have to add an intent filter in your manifest.xml file

android:mimeType specifies the mime type which you are interested in listening.

Happy sharing 😉

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Facebook knows where to look for me ;)

I was doing an ego search on Google and you can imagine my surprise when I found this ad as one of the sponsored result. 🙂


I know I am famous but was humbled to know that even Facebook knows about it. 😉

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Facebook Developer Contest – India

In its quest to get more Indians to use Facebook, they has announced the first ever developer contest, targeted for Indian programmers.

The contest is open only for Indian residents and you have to either develop a Facebook App or integrate Facebook connect to your site.


The contest runs from July 2, 2009 till September 11, 2009. You have to submit your entries before September 10, 2009 at the contest website.


There are going to be cash prizes for top 3 entries in each category – Facebook Apps and Facebook Connect Integrations.


  • You have to be a resident of India
  • You should have completed 16 years

So, budding India Facebook developers, it’s time to roll your sleeves. Since I am busy with the WordPress Plugin Competition, I don’t think I will be able to compete, but let’s see. 🙂 Is any of you taking part in this contest?

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