King Ping has a new logo

Thanks to Wes (Trafic Transit) King Ping now has a new logo now. The new logo looks cool and fits the design very much. Check out the logo at

Here is Fred’s comment about this.

Got a suggestion / Feedback / Comment / Feature Request, let us know we would be glad to hear that from you.

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  • Sudar, GREAT tool you and Fred have come up with there! I’ve been using it these past few days, and LOVE it.

    One question – Why haven’t you bought the domain name matching the name of your program (and as points to some gardening site, would you consider changing its name to ‘King ‘o’ Pings’ (which I think it is 🙂 – the domain name – – is available. Grab it!

    I’ll be telling a LOT of folks about this, and am happy that a fellow Chenna-ite has done this cool tool.


  • Sudar says:

    Hello Dr. Mani

    Thanks for using KingPing and happy to know that it is very useful for you.

    Hmm domain name was taken before we could register for it.

    And we selected the name after conducting a poll and KingPing got the maximum number of votes. Hmm perhaps one day we will change the name as you have suggested and buy that domain too 🙂

    BTW Chenna-ite are really cool people and itâ??s no surprise that a cool tool was developed by one of them. 🙂 (ok ok donâ??t stare at me like that) and it was really a great feeling to be acknowledged by someone who is staying very near ..Thanks mani for thatâ?¦

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