How to Whistle Loudly?

The ability to whistle really loud by keeping the fingers in the mouth was considered as a great skill among my friends circle when I was studying. Every time there was a function at school (or even at college) there used to be a gang of people who will be teaching their extraordinary skill to others and there will be a lot of rehearsals. You could see most of them with their fingers in their mouth and trying to blow in as much as they can only to get a small hissing sound. Most of them will stop trying but a few will be kept on trying till they could get a decent level of sound. Hmm.. that was a short trip down the memory lane…

Well if some of you are still trying then here is an excellent write-up which teaches you how to whistle really loud by keeping your fingers in your mouth.

PS: Make sure that you don’t get into trouble by trying it in a public place. 😉

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