I have happy news to share. I am going to be the new owner of 🙂

customize-talk logo is a community site for Google Talk users, with loads of tips and tweaks, news about Google Talk and also information about Google Talk Addon development.

Recently there is been some slight decrease in the activity at the site, due to the fact that Google has slowed down its Google Talk development and has started concentrating more on the browser based chat client embed inside Gmail.

My first step as the new moderator is to increase the activity in the site (after removing spam posts ;))  and I am looking for suggestions. So guys do have a look at and let me know what can be improved.

I am planning to cover other Google Talk related topics like browser based chat client inside Gmail, XMPP, Jabber etc. Also let me know if you feel that other topics could be added.

Looking forward in meeting you guys over at customizeTalk. 🙂

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